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Need a Snow Removal Pro?

Roof Snow Removal

During winter time, snow on the roof is something that is a normal occurrence. However, snow buildup on your roof is a cause for concern and ignoring it will only lead to catastrophic and costly situations. Keep in mind that a square foot of snow and an inch in height weigh around 1 pound. This might not sound much, but if you have a roof that is about 1,200 square feet and 12 inches in height, the total weight of the snow would be more than substantial. In this case, it’s a very real danger that the roof might cave in. You can easily avoid this costly situation by calling a professional that offers snow removal in New Haven.

Some homeowners lean towards the idea of removing the snow on the roof by themselves or getting unprofessional help. This route is enticing as it's cheaper. However, if you really think about, you can say that this is backward thinking. First of all, snow and ice make a very slippery working environment. Add the fact that the snow is on your roof and you already have a very hazardous working condition. Professionals in New Haven roof snow removal companies are already aware of this and are well-prepared and equipped to deal with such hazards while safely removing the snow.

Another reason why you should call a professional for a snow removal in New Haven is because you can save a lot by not buying your own tools and equipment. Think about it, you need to buy tools and equipment to effectively remove the snow on your roof. Then, you will have to spend time to properly and safely use these tools. You are already spending time and money on something that you are not going to use on a daily basis. The benefit of a professional New Haven roof snow removal service provider is that you can skip all these steps.

Another big benefit of hiring professionals is that they already have the proper skills and knowledge when it comes to removing the snow without damaging your roof. Most people think that removing snow from the roof is all about shoveling or raking mindlessly. At freezing temperatures, everything in your roof becomes weaker or brittle. This includes shingles, vents, flashing and pipe boots. If you don't know what you are doing, you may end up doing more damage to your roof and that means spending money on repairs; which is costlier than just simply hiring a professional roof snow removal service provider.